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Ramissio Water

Ramissio Water is new product of Elements edition.

It's special composition cause like elixir of natural beauty from inside - ANTI AGING efekt.

It contains an unique hydrolyzed sea collagen.

Similar like water, collagen is one of the basic building units of the human body and it‘s important for nourishing skin, bones, hair, blood vessels and nails.

Our body can make collagen itself in contrast to e.g. vitamin C. However, with increasing age its production weakens and it‘s more than appropriate to supplement it.

The powder form is lightweight and also suitable for travel. So you can keep this product at hand.

There‘s no need to use preservatives or stabilizers, because the dried substances don‘t react with each other and maintain a stable quality throughout their use.

It‘s a food supplement.


Daily dose of Ramissio Water - 5g - contains 1 660 mg of collagen.

Ramissio Water contains among collagen a number of other vitamins and precious elements, that have beneficial effects on the organism. Therefore, this product cannot be compared to the liquid version of Royal.


According to the current EU legislation on nutritional supplements, we mustn't provide more detailed information, that could give the impression of a health or medical effect of herbs - even if they‘ve been used for hundreds of years and helped millions of people. We must no longer mention the proven effects of herbs by any scientific research, unless it‘s a registered cure by a pharmaceutical company.

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